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Xenemetrix application note - Cement Analysis, August 2017

14 Авг 2017







Cement analysis using FP program (Fundamental Parameters)


Cement is a blend of several minerals. It is critical to control the elemental composition and properties such as strength, setting, time and color. ED-XRF is being used to analyze the raw components, raw meal, clinker, and the final cement product (Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, K, Ca, and Fe in Cement, Clinker, and Raw Meal).
XRF is at the heart of the control of the production process in any modern cement works and is central to the ability of the cement maker to produce a consistent product.

All measurements were conducted on Xenemetrix X-Calibur analyzer, using fundamental parameters program. The X-Calibur is an excellent bench-top EDXRF analyzer for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis. It offers an accurate, precise, fast, simple and non-destructive analysis technique. Advanced Fundamental Parameters Software is a complete XRF analysis tool enabling quantitative analysis of various samples. This program provides strong analytical tools and abilities in R&D, Geological applications, Reverse engineering, process control and other applications.

The sample preparation conducted on Equilab systems - Pressed pellet preparation on EQP-100 and fused beads preparation on induction fluxer F1.



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