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18 Апр 2017

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08 Июнь 2017

Xenemetrix Marketing note - May 2017

10 Май 2017


                May 2017



Marketing note, May 2017


X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy analysis shows good agreement with ICP-OES


Are you still using AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) and having to routinely take powder samples and convert them into solutions using acid digestions for analysis?
If this is your daily routine it’s time to consider the benefits of solid sample analysis using XRF and consider eliminating digestion, dissolution and solution preparation.
Replace digestion with lose powder analysis or for higher precision with mixing, miling sample briquetting and perform clean XRF analysis.

XRF is a versatile, rapid technique which lends itself to a wide variety of samples from powders to liquids. It is convenient and economical to use, with the major input cost being
the hardware itself. ICP-MS is a versatile technique that is easily capable of determining many elements.
However, usually samples must be in liquid form, which often requires acid digestion and laborious sample prep. One can sample solids with laser ablation ICP-MS but this is better
suited to tiny spot sizes on the surface. ICP techniques also require copious amounts of expensive high-purity argon gas.



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