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ED-XRF Spectrometers

  • ED-XRF Spectrometers -


    Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectroscopy is one of the simplest, most accurate and economical analytical methods for the determination of the chemical composition of many types of materials. The technique, requires minimum if any sample preparation, and is suitable for almost all sample types and shapes (solids, liquids, powders and thin films).   

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Sample Preparation

  • Sample preparation -


    In order to obtain really representative results in the different analysis we can undertake with a sample, the essential prerequisite is a prior effective preparation of the same. The usual procedure passes by reducing the size of the sample, and its homogenization, to guarantee reliable and repeatable results

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Near-infrared Spectrometers

  • Near-infrared (NIR) Spectrometers -


    Our high-performance Raman and near-infrared (NIR) Spectrometers for use in chemical, biochemical and materials identification and analysis. We are your source for a complete solution, ranging from research-grade laboratory systems such as surface-enhanced Raman systems, to portable field-based units and industrial process control platforms.

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Raman Spectrometers

  • Raman Spectrometers -


    The Raman technology detector is a spectroscopic technique used to observe vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system. Raman spectroscopy is commonly used in chemistry to provide a fingerprint by which molecules can be identified.

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Laser-induced breakdown Spectrometers

  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy -


    LIBS - Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, is a atomic emission spectroscopy, the Spectrometers uses a highly energetic laser pulse as the excitation source the laser is focused to form a plasma, which atomizes and excites samples.

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  • SpectroRadiometer -


    Spectroradiometer is a technology designed to measure the spectral power distribution of a source. From the spectral power distribution, the radiometric, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of light can be determined in order to measure, characterize, and calibrate light sources for various applications.

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