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Advanced Standard-less Fundamental Parameters (SLFP) Software

Advanced Standard-less Fundamental Parameters (SLFP) Software is a complete XRF analysis tool enabling quantitative analysis of various samples without need of certified reference materials (standards).

This solution provides strong analytical tools and abilities in R&d, Geological applications, Reverse engineering, process control and other applications.

Complete XRF analysis is possible, with or without standards, using an internal database of fundamental parameters and complete modeling of detectors and sources. Spectrum processing libraries are available for removing spectrum artifacts (escape and sum peaks), background and for various least-squares peak-fitting models using synthetic Gaussian or experimental reference profiles.

Advanced SLFP is fully integrated with Xenmetrix’s nEXt ™ Analytical software and uses spectra files produced by it.

ecially designed modules for X-P specialists for more information and possible solutions based on advanced SLFP tool.

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