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Xenemetrix application note - No.3, December 2016

21 Dec 2016


                December 2016



Application note Issue 3, December 2016


Quantitative elemental analysis of Cl and S in gear oil for the petrochemical industry using EDXRF Analyser Genius IF


Xenemetrix’s Genius IF EDXRF spectrometer provides a non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination from carbon (Z=6) to fermium (Z=100), providing detection limits from sub-ppm to high weight percent concentrations. The Genius IF has powerful components including: A fully integrated computer system, a high resolution Silicon Drift Detector and a powerful X-Ray tube with variable spot sizes, designed to accommodate samples of various sizes.
The Genius IF has a unique patented optical geometry combining eight secondary targets, with eight customizable tube filters allowing for simple software operated switch between the techniques of secondary target excitation and direct excitation. Direct excitation mode with different filters can be made very efficient and optimal for any element detected in EDXRF. The WAG (Wide Angle Geometry) patented secondary target technique provides the best results in particular for minor and trace element analysis. The X-ray tube excites the characteristic K lines of a secondary target (a pure metal) which are used to excite the sample “monochromatically”. By using secondary targets, the detection limits for certain elements can be lowered even further. These lower detection limits make the Genius IF suitable for a larger range of applications that had previously not been accessible to conventional EDXRF instruments, and turn this instrument into the most versatile elemental analyser available.



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Application note No3