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Xenemetrix application note - No.2, December 2016

20 Dec 2016


                December 2016



Application note Issue 2, December 2016


Quantitative elemental analysis for Sulfur content in Diesel calibrated and performed on X-Calibur SDD benchtop


The move to lower sulfur content was made to substantially lower emissions of particulate matter from diesel engines. The change occurred first in the European Union and later in North America, and is now occurring in Asia. Since model year 2007, new emissions standards dependent on the cleaner fuel have been forced for automobiles in the United States. The Euro V standard limits sulfur content to 10 ppm, and starting from the beginning of 2017 the sulfur content in diesel fuel at China will be limited to 10ppm as well.
EDXRF is an ideal method for a quick and simple elemental analysis for industrial control purposes of ultra-low sulfur, offering the following advantages:
-Fast and minimal sample preparation
-An automated analysis process
-Limited or no exposure to corrosive reagents used by other analytical techniques
-Ease of use for operation by non-technical or non-specialized personnel
The X-Calibur high resolution detector, enhanced peak to background ratio, superior flux and ability to handle higher count rates provide superior sensitivity for sulfur analysis.


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 Application note No2 V2