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Xenemetrix application note - No.1, November 2016

08 Nov 2016


                November 2016



Application note Issue 1, November 2016


Unknown samples standardless quantitative elemental analysis calibrated and performed on Xenemetrix X-Calibur benchtop analyser


ED-XRF is a fast and non-destructive technique that can elementally quantify any type of sample: solid, powder
or liquid, within a few minutes. ED-XRF spectrometers plays an important role in assuring that consistent quality
of samples are retained throughout a manufacturing process, assists R&D procedures and provides control and
monitoring for laboratory activities.
ED-XRF is an ideal method for elemental analysis offering the following advantages:
-Minimal sample preparation
-Fast and automated analysis process
-Limited or no exposure to corrosive reagents used by other analytical techniques
-Ease of use for operation by non-technical or non-specialized personnel.
Unknown samples can be standardless quantitativly elementaly analysed when calibrated and performed on
Xenemetrix X-Calibur benchtop analyser, saving costly standards purchase and saving time on calibration procedure.


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