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Xenemetrix newsletter- Issue no.33, May 2016

26 May 2016

Its elemental

Issue no.33, May 2016

Its elemental

Newsletter Issue no.33, May 2016


Dear Partners

Xenemetrix accomplished another successful performance at Analytica 2016

We would like to send a big heartfelt thanks to all our visitors from around the world for their amazing commitment: Omnitek from The Netherlands; Norleq from Portugal; Troy-Met Quality Control Systems Ltd. from Turkey; Cluster d.o.o from Serbia; Tal Instruments from North Africa; LABTEST from Russia; Vita Lab Nova d.o.o. from Croatia; UAB Prolabas from Lithuania; Heco from Norway; S-prep GmbH team for their great help and collaboration before and during the fair; and many other potential business associates.

Dear33 Dear33 2

Analytica 2016 is the world’s largest conference and exhibition dedicated to solutions along the entire value chain of modern laboratory processes. This event constituted an excellent and successful platform for announcing our latest product innovations, our expanding portfolio of analytical technologies and for the introduction our new software, AnalytiX, that is going to be launched on June 1st.

analytiX Logo new

AnalytiX provides an innovative user-friendly graphical user interface combined with automatic calibration abilities that are expected to revolutionize ease of use and precision of results.

The new software will include the “AnalytiX Operator Mode” which will enable even non-expert operators to perform simple high quality ED-XRF analysis while storing the data on the “cloud”.

The new operator mode suits big organizations that utilize multiple systems and require central control for both the application and for system’s maintenance. AnalytiX will support the new product line of Xenemetrix mobile solutions to be launched by the end of this year.

Dear33 3 Dear33 4

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon and are certain that you will find the best solutions for your elemental analysis needs with Xenemetrix products.

For any queries feel free to contact us at info@xenemetrix.com or check the ‘Contact us’ tab on our website to find authorized representatives near you.


Xenemetrix Team



Tip of the Month

The right amount of sample for your ED-XRF system

You are going to work with powders, and you don’t know how much of it should be placed in the cup…This is exactly why we are here to tell you that in most cases it doesn’t matter!

The ED-XRF technology requires measuring the sample when it is in ‘Bulk Size’.

The ‘Bulk Size’ refers to the volume of the sample where the depth is above the maximum penetration depth. In other words, adding sample material will not add to the intensity of the peaks in the spectrum results. For most powder samples less than 1mm depth at bulk size is required.

In the results below you can view analysis of 5 cement samples in different weights from 1gr to 5gr and of corresponding different depths.

Tip 33

It is important to note that when heavy metal analysis is required in light matrix such as liquid, the penetration depth can be higher than 1mm and it is important to use as high volume as possible - 5 ml is recommended.

For more tips & support please contact us at: info@xenemetrix.com


Application Highlight: 

Ni-Co metal plate analysis using Genius IF ED-XRF Analyzer

Metal plates of Ni-Co alloy were quantitatively analyzed using Xenemetrix Genius IF system with SLFP (Standard-Less Fundamental Parameter) method. The X-rays penetration depth was estimated in order to determine if bulk analysis can be performed with the chosen acquisition parameters. Precision test shows very good repeatability.


The penetration depth for reduction of X-ray intensity to 2/3 of the original was calculated according to the exponential law: I/I0 = exp(-µρt), where I0 is the original intensity of the X-rays beam, I is the intensity after a certain distance t in the sample, ρ is the density of the sample and µ is the mass attenuation coefficient of the sample material. Due to the calculated penetration depth of less than 100µm, the metal specimen (of 1mm thickness) was analyzed as bulk sample. The system configuration parameters are described in table 1. Quantitative results are shown in table 2.

Application 33


The interaction depth of the X-ray in Ni-Co alloys is tens of microns. Ni and Co were detected in a 1mm thickness plate as a bulk sample and quantified using SLFP. The results show that the plate is composed of 93% Ni and 7% Co. Very good precision results were obtained.As shown in this report, the use of the Xenemetrix Genius Spectrometer ED-XRF system yields excellent performance and accurate results for metal alloy samples.

For the full report and additional details please contact us at: info@xenemetrix.com


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