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Xenemetrix newsletter- Issue no.32, April 2016

18 Apr 2016

Its elemental

Issue no.32, April 2016

Its elemental

Newsletter Issue no.32, April 2016


Dear Partners

Xenemetrix at Analytica 2016 conference in Munich - May 10-13, 2016

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate and visit us in Analytica 2016, the world’s largest marketplace features solutions along the entire value chain for modern laboratory processes. As it is the largest and most important European trade fair with congress of its kind, Analytica regularly brings together scientists, industry and users.

The Conference and Exhibition will take place on May 10-13, 2016, in Messe München, Germany.

Xenemetrix will be presenting its new advanced solutions in Hall A2 booth 429.

Analytica 2016

For the first time, we will co-present with our distributor S-prep GmbH from Germany, which will also be presenting in Hall A2 Booth 532A.

Please consider visiting and scheduling a meeting with us for updates, new features and application reviews as well as discussing marketing aspects.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming exhibition, and are certain that you will find the best solutions for your elemental analysis needs with Xenemetrix products.

For any queries feel free to contact us at info@xenemetrix.com or check the ‘Contact us’ tab on our website to find authorized representatives near you.

Yours, Xenemetrix Team



Tip of the Month

Temperature stabilization for the S-Mobile system

The S-Mobile is a small compact analyzer that can easily be transported to the job site, when the task calls for fast, real-time, high quality results in the field.

This powerful 50kV, 50 Watt portable X-ray analyzer is capable of rendering sensitive and accurate analysis, similar to laboratory class analyzers.

Tip 32

The fact that the S-Mobile spectrometer can be transported to the job site in a vehicle requires paying attention to the temperature in the vehicle, since in hot weather the temperature can rise to extremely high levels. Prior to starting work on the system, it must be cooled down to a maximum temperature of 25 ͦC. If the temperature is higher, the air conditioning must be switched on, or the system must be cooled down in the shade, in order to protect the X-Ray tube and the system.

The S-Mobile spectrometers are the perfect answer for the job due to their connection to the car’s battery and detachable shock absorber that protect the analyzer during transportation. These functions are also optional in our bench-top analyzers, which makes them the perfect solution for a strong and powerful onsite analyzer.

For more tips & support please contact us at: info@xenemetrix.com



Application Highlight: 

Quantitative Analysis of Black Sand

A quantitative analysis of Black Sand was performed on samples from various worldwide locations. The analysis was made on a series of samples using Xenemetrix’s EDXRF S-Mobile analyzer and the Standard-Less Fundamental Parameters method. The results of one sample are shown below.


The analyzer was equipped with a Rh-Anode X-ray tube, 50 Watt and several tube filters. The acquisition time was 300 seconds for each sample. In this case, it was decided to place the samples loosely in sample cups. Alternatively, when using a certified standard or if a comparative analysis is required (between different samples), it is recommended to use a mixer-mill in order to reduce particles size, and to then prepare a pressed pellet.


A typical XRF spectrum is demonstrated in Figure 1; Fe is the major peak, Ca, Mn and Ti are also presented (concentrations in wt% are shown in Figure 2).



This Iron Ore application is just one example of how the fast and reliable EDXRF quantitative analysis can be used as a primary method. Good results were achieved even without any standards definition, and there is no need for sample preparation. Using one or a few certified standards may easily result in higher accuracy. For better repeatability, an easy and very common technique of milling and pressing is suggested.

For the full report and additional details please contact us at: info@xenemetrix.com


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Newsletter Issue no32