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 The P-Metrix is wrapped in a portable case that acts as a self-contained EDXRF laboratory and allows you to roll it to any site for your elemental analysis test.

Global Monitoring of Marine Fuels and Machine Condition

The use of analytical method systems that enable the fl eet management to optimise also for bunkering and machine maintenance

Qualitative analysis of elements Bi-layer Polymer of PVC& PMMA

Goal: To analyze all elements present in PVC and PMMA polymer layers with special attention to Pb, Zn, Ca, and Sn.

Analysis of precious metals in jewelry

The aim of this paper is to supply a solution for non destructive method for analysis of metallic content in jewelry.

Quantitative Analysis of Geological Samples- X-Calibur

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of geological samples (rocks and river sediments) was performed on Xenemetrix EDXRF Benchtop Spectrometer System.

Quantitative Analysis of Iron in flour

A quantitative analysis of Iron in flour via Xenemetrix EDXRF Laboratory Spectrometer System was performed by model EX-3600M.

Minimum detection limits of several different elements in water and in oil

The minimum detection limits of several different elements in water and in oil solutions were determined on X-Calibur with a SDD detector installed or a Si-PIN diode detector installed.